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Questions and answers

Questions and answers

In this section, you can find a list of answers to frequently asked questions in the field of web business. Based on all the interviews, we have selected these questions for you. However, you can always ask your question personally to us. If you want to do that, contact us at the specified data on the page “Contacts”


Frequently asked questions


The paramount task is to build a constructive dialogue with visitors of the site. Further, it is necessary to communicate with customers online as long as it would be possible, as we practice per-minute labor payment. The conversation with visitors can be absolutely on any topic, since every person is different in its own way. Our experience shows that after a month of work a model communicates exclusively with regular customers, generously rewarding for the attention shown to them.

Certainly, knowledge of English at the level of Intermediate and above can become your calling card, especially in combination with natural charm and positive personality. This is quite natural, since all customers of our webcam models are exclusively foreigners, usually residing in UK and US. However, do not be frightened of this moment, because at the first stages of work, a professional translator can be attached to a model, and “alive” communication will influence on your knowledge of grammar rules and lexicon in a short terms.

As it was mentioned before, the income of a webcam model depends exclusively from the time she worked, therefore, based on individual financial requests and opportunities, you can also adjust the work schedule. Yes, our studio requires the employees to perform a certain minimum, as we work with people who really want to achieve financial stability and well-being. Therefore, in general, every model spends 30 hours per week in studio. Our studio works without days off and breaks, so there will be no problems with the construction of a flexible working schedule.

First of all the total income of a webcam model depends on the time that she spent with clients in private chats. During the first month of work, new employees of our studio will not have problems with visitors, as fresh faces have always been in demand. In this period, you need to show yourself from the best side, in order to lay a solid financial foundation in the form of a permanent customer base. The cost of one minute can also vary depending on the service on which a girl works, so our experts will help you to choose the best option that fully meets your needs.

Around any relatively new and, no less important, profitable business has always been a lot of prejudices and ridiculous fears. We will not hide that in our country this kind of activity, like WebCam, is not approved at the legislative level, but in USA and developed European countries the situation is exactly opposite. Our models work on foreign websites that have received the appropriate licenses and are registered exclusively on these sites, we can confidently talk about outsourcing – the generally accepted world practice.

All sites where our employees work are officially registered in US; there the salary of $ 1200 will not surprise you. Accordingly, the level and timeliness of our payments do not depend on any economic and political situations, including force majeure.

In foreign practice, there are several areas of webcam-business, one of which is adult, that is, keeping the visitor in a chat room by providing an erotic show. Our concept of doing business is fundamentally different from this practice. We are sure that a modern person, busy making money, catastrophically does not have enough time to communicate with intelligent and charming representatives of the opposite sex. Webcam-agency «First Lady» positions itself as a NON-ADULT structure, because the work of our models is mainly aimed at building verbal and non-verbal dialogue with customers online.

After the personal application provided by you will be processed, an interview is appointed, the main purpose of which is personal acquaintance and discussion of those topics, which are interesting for both sides, the discussion of working moments begins. In order to determine the need for an interpreter, a small test is conducted in English. At this stage, the decision is made whether we will cooperate further or not. If the answer is yes, you start to work.

There is simply no such a thing as an "internship" in our studio. During first few days of working, a model receives a mentor – experienced webcam model. We want to make the process of adaptation to a new type of activity as quick and easy as possible. We believe that training is part of a working process, so we pay this period in full.

If you wish, our IT-employees will block the city, where you live, or the whole country. We want to admit that citizens of Ukraine and CIS do not have the access to our partner sites. However, as we can say from our experience, when a girl becomes financially independent, usually her relatives fully support her.

For beginners, we have shift payments. Also, having come to the office you can ask about this girls who are already working with us. We are responsible for our words and pay all, even if you change your mind about working. First-Lady is a brand, why should we spoil the reputation.

We do not force them to leave, but you yourself must understand that this is your security. Every girl herself decides to leave her accounts or not.

We have special programs that translate for you. We also have tutors, they can assist you in mastering the basic level of the language. Many templates that will help build a dialogue for work. In any case, after a month of work, you will already have a higher level than the basic level of the language.

There is no penal system, because we consider it unprofessional. We work on a trusting relationship - do you need a job? -We will provide everything for this, a comfortable workplace, a wonderful place to rest, tea, candy and cookies ... Everything you need for work is bought at the expense of the company. Corporate and gifts. We do everything for you - and you just thank us for the good work. The secret is simple.

On the contrary. We are so good that girls bring friends ... First-Lady is the guarantor of her word. We are trusted. We are chosen. Accordingly, the opening of new studios.


Other webcam studios have already offered me a job, why should I give preference to “First Lady”?


Are there enough serious reasons to cooperate with us? Probably everyone has the right to decide independently, but we are convinced: if you sign up for an interview, you, at least, do not miss this unique chance to self-actualize and change your life for the better!